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to announce...









Special software-hardware neuro-technological complex — for everyone who takes care about own health, doing sport or rehabilitation needs

Ai-powered service includes sensors, software, smart-clothes and additional hardware — composed in functional sets able to combine for precision personalization





Decision making system in personalized application for medicines, sportsmen, drivers, etc. Automatic assessment of life-threatening conditions, comparison of ECHOCG, CT, MRI, laboratory tests and ECG, pre-medical diagnostic report, decoding of ECG data in real time.





Smart - clothes with integrated electromyographical sensors. The sensor system captures information about the workload of the muscles of interest during exercise and the wireless device transmits to a visually understandable image



Neuro-assisting systems


Special myo-sensors, hardware components and algorithms detect, intensity and determinate users neurosignals assist to control devices and equipments — for helping socialization or rehabilitation


Rehabilitation &

Socialization SYSTEM


Different types of hardware from light passive design for rehabilitation till middleweight active exoskeleton with invertible powered tensions for heavy industrial works



Customized support


First human-focused support program that gives unique opportunity to collect and store BigData about yourself by yourself – for personal profit only.


«Your comp is yours private home»

No Personal Data

Decentralized anonymized AI-learning only *

Fair play politic


We do not need personal info at all, our Ai-algorithms just checks tendencies, learns it improving recommendations in more personalized way. We use your anonymous data only advancing Ai-algorithms to benefit your personal profit.


* You may allow personalization if need the most precise and freshest recommendations based on whole population experience