universal EV-platform

set of advanced technologies for creating low-cost high-efficiency vehicles


High technologies required wide range of innumerous very complicated solutions folded in EV platform

Universal platform based on highly energy efficient gearless induction in-hub motors for EVs lines allowing high energy efficiency and full control of traction and systems including distance management, auto-piloting and neuro-piloting


No working analogues in the world;
Absolute control of each wheel by torque, power and speed;
Soft-ware integration of various functions without adding an additional component base (cost):

  • 2-contour braking system: electric + hydraulic (combined);
  • electronic ABS / ESP;
  • programmable differential locks;
  • software cruise control;
  • 4x4 control system, braking in recuperative (recovery) modes with ABS and ESP emulation, an information and computing system that combines the hardware and software components of an electric vehicle and which subsequently allows the integration of various ASIS and neuro-piloting systems.



Unique battery’s BMS, on-board charger and active ongoing balancing adapted from air-space industry:

  • qualifying incoming current (no special charging stations needed but only energy power access);
  • charging all cells separately (no rebalancing time during charging);
  • actively balancing cells all the time (avoidance of cells disbalancing).

We hope that together with you we will make this world better!

Exzo Team